Halloween Meditation Party!

Please go to https://moxie.xyz/classes/halloween-meditation-party-23532014

-and book your spot

– meditation will be on this website live streaming not on zoom.

-you may have simple costume

-it says ‘flex pay’ but event is actually free

– meditation will be on this website live streaming not on zoom.

-you may have simple costume -it says ‘flex pay’ but event is actually free

[Bayside Meditation] Special Group Meditation with Gympass Employees

Everyone is working from home, and we all need time to meditate!
8/11 2pm, Gympass Employees had a zoom meditation session with Bayside Meditaiton.

Thanks for Gympass employees for coming in today using the precious lunch time, and look forward to seeing you again!


Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is one of the best ways to stimulate clarity and increase an overall sense of happiness.

Take moments to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To make the most of your me-time, create a ritual of consistent practices—routine habits that are nourishing and motivating and can be realistically sustained.

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Oil Massage. Follow skin brushing with nutrient-rich, organic body oil for a calming, soothing effect that replenishes dry skin—locks in moisture and ensures glowing softness, firmness and radiance. We opt for pure jojoba oil, as it’s the closest molecule to our natural skin.

HD Infrared Sauna Blanket. Perfect at-home or on-the-go, our sauna blankets provide a slimming, detoxifying and mood-heightening experience—using radiant infrared heat to relax and revive the body. Reduce stress and anxiety, purify your system and trigger a feel-good dose of your brain’s happiness chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

Face Mask + Hair Mask. A nice, gentle way to enhance quiet, calm reflections. Face and hair masks put you into total spa mode and boost confidence in appearance. To save on time, let your hair and face masks set while soaking in your sauna blanket. Infrared heat raises your core body temperature, opening your pores to better absorb face masks. Also, the heat from your scalp will help activate and enhance nourishing hair masks. For the face, we love Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask to Purify & Nourish by Origins—formulated with bamboo charcoal, this purifying mask deep cleans and draws out deep-dwelling pore-clogs, impurities and debris, while golden wildflower and fermented honey nourish the skin. For hair, we look for castor oil, which stimulates natural hair growth while restoring and moisturizing damaged strands and nurturing the scalp.

Breathwork + Meditation. Where consciousness and subconscious meet. Focus on slow, intentioned, mindful breathing to encourage deep emotional, psychological and physical cleansing. We can participate in our breath and immediately feel the effects.   Enter into meditative states, letting go of unhealthy thoughts, embracing clarity, establishing positive control of energies…effective and endlessly beneficial, regardless of busy schedules and limited spaces.

This article first appeared on HigherDOSE.com, written by Lauren & Katie

[Bayside Meditation] Meditation Event with Yelp Elite Squad

We had an event with Yelp today with about 30 Yelp Elite reviewers. It was such an honor for us to have a meditation session with them. Thanks to Jando Shum, Senior Community Director of Yelp Queens.

Click below to check their reviews

[Bayside Meditation] Now, There Is Nonstop Laughter In Our House Instead Of Arguments

Now, There Is Nonstop Laughter In Our House Instead Of Arguments

Yoon, Ha-eun / Self-employed

One day, Ha-eun Yun came to a realization that his thinking, habits and attitudes remained the same as time passed and circumstances changed. He started to question this fixed pattern, whether this is the right way to live as a father, a husband and a son. Through meditation, Ha-eun looked for solutions to his concerns.  This is the story of how his thinking, habits, family relationships and life transformed over the years of practicing meditation.

Can I continue to live like this? Questions that struck suddenly

I manage an outdoor sportswear store in Gumi and have a daughter who is in elementary school. There was an event at my daughter’s kindergarten a few years ago. After the event, all the cars started to leave the school one by one. They had the option to go in a different direction but all the cars proceeded to follow the car in front, one after another. I was thinking to myself, ‘I should go in another direction,’ yet, I started to unconsciously follow the car in front of me also.

At that moment, a sudden realization struck, that I had been following the same path as other people throughout my entire life.  Looking back, there wasn’t much difference between the present and my 20’s; I thought it was the same.  I did adjust to changing circumstances and environments but my thoughts, habits and attitudes were the same.  As I thought about how to live as a father, a husband and a son, I began to contemplate on the inner self.  

Beginning Meditation, I came to know what my ‘mind’ (inner self) is, and my questions were answered

The following day, I searched for meditation on the internet. With some doubt and curiosity, I started going to the local center. Since I lived a life without trusting anyone, I think I attended the sessions at the center for the purpose of exploring in the beginning. As I continued to practice meditation, I was able to reflect on what ‘mind’ was, why I lived with burden and pain, and why I lived in constant struggle and dissatisfaction.

I realized that there is true mind and false mind within oneself.  The reason for all the suffering was because I lived with a false mind instead of true mind. False mind is like pictures I have taken in my life that acts like a computer program controlling my ideas and habits. For instance, I realized what had caused me to distrust people as I practiced meditation and I was able to truly change that and I started to trust others around me.

The painful delusion disappeared by abandoning my false mind

It was recess time in the second grade of elementary school. My friend threw dirt at me on the playground so I did the same in retaliation. But the teacher witnessed only my action and scolded me, not both of us.  After recess, I was made to kneel down and raise both my hands in the empty playground as a punishment. I tried to explain that it was my friend who started the fight but the teacher wouldn’t hear any of it.

The resentment, hate and unhappiness I felt towards the teacher made me cry nonstop. I realized then and there that I have no one to turn to in this world. Since the incident, I shut myself off from the world and lived constantly checking on how others think about me.

It was difficult to go through daily life with delusions and anxiety, worrying about the future and regretting what I’ve done in the past. I even worked in an assembly line at a monitor producing company to see if it would be better to focus on physical labor but it didn’t help. Once I got used to the work, my anxiety and thoughts never ceased in my mind. But after discarding those through meditation, they disappeared. Concentration increased when the false minds, which are the cause of delusion, disappeared.

I feel sorry and ashamed to my precious family, since I’m the one who did the most wrong to them

There have been many changes in my social life. There are customers who I’ve had unpleasant encounters with while doing business. In the past, I avoided similar looking people when they walked into the store that reminded me of past incidents. I would also make preconceived judgment according to ‘pictures,’ categorizing customers into ones who buy and one who don’t buy.  Now that mind is gone and since I treat each customer without judgements, my sales have greatly improved.

Right now, my mother, wife and daughter are also meditating. One time, my mother asked her granddaughter, “Mom and dad are not fighting these days?” and she said, “They don’t fight anymore after practicing meditation.” When I overheard what was said, I felt really bad about the fights.

Now that I look back, my wife and I fought a lot, really about nothing. We argued about small things, this and that. In my mind, I was always right and was comforted by the fact that other people lived the same way as us. After practicing meditation, I realized that I hurt the people I cared about the most. Nowadays, instead of fighting and yelling, my house is full of laughter. I am very blessed and happy.

Source: www.meditationlife.org

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